The badge system allows players to customize their NBA 2K23

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The badge system allows players to customize their NBA 2K23

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There are a variety of new or expanded aspects in the game that NBA 2K23 is bringing to the table. The City is NBA 2K23's mode that allows players to look at the larger NBA lifestyle, though it's only available on current-gen consoles NBA 2K23 MT. Badges were an existing staple that haven't so much gotten an overhaul , but rather an expansion with new and exciting options available to players.

The badge system allows players to customize their NBA 2K23 MyPlayer to fit the style they're looking for, potentially emulating the best players from the NBA. The badge system can be used in a variety of ways to enhance potential abilities and make any player a king playing on the courts.

The brand new finishing badges introduced in NBA 2K23 seem to be focused on making forwards and centers more efficient in scoring on the court. In previous years the bigs were typically slow to get the ball, and to get it on the rim. Bigs could also be contested often by smaller players. The list of new finishing badges is listed below.

The new NBA showcases players shooting more three-pointers from greater field than ever before along with the new scoring badges included in NBA 2K23 will bring that experience to the game. No matter if you're in the career mode or MyTeam mode, players can take advantage of Steph Curry ability to earn buckets and compete against their peers. The latest list of shooting badges is listed below.

Dribbling is a constant point of interest for serious NBA 2K players, and some of the new badges of this year appeal to that Cheap MT 2K23. In addition to the new changes to NBA 2K23's dribbling moves The new playmaking badges below provide a new and exciting vibes to NBA 2K23.